'It's Saving Lives' - Nurses Who Perform Abortions Share Their Story

10/11/2014 04:49 PM Comment(s)

'Its Saving Lives' - Nurses Who Perform Abortions Share Their Story


Nurses Who Perform Abortions Share Their Story

Article by Tholakele Mnganga ~

She'll never forget the day it happened. A couple were there to see her, she was told and she went out to meet them. When she saw the pair, she presumed the young woman had come for a check-up - she'd had an abortion a few days earlier and Brenda Bamuza had performed the procedure. Her patient's partner seemed upset, she recalls, and when she asked him what was wrong he spat out, "Sister, you killed my child!"

Those were the last words she heard before the man attacked her, beating her so badly she spent nine months in hospital. 

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